Wauwatosa Virtual Academy is a middle and high school done your way. That’s the only way we know how to do it. When the students get to set their own schedule and learn at their own pace, the results are much more impactful. That is why we tailor our flexible online curriculum to your child’s needs rather than expecting them to conform to ours. We want your child to prepare for the future their way.

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Instant Help, All The Time

At Wauwatosa Virtual Academy, we offer real-time, personalized instruction brought to your child by professional, Wisconsin-certified teachers. Our teachers and achievement coordinators are passionate about success. In fact, at Wauwatosa Virtual Academy, we determine our success by your child’s success. We provide all the modern tools and programs that your child needs to succeed in the digital age. Communicate lightning fast thanks to WebMail. Get personalized help from your teacher when you need it most. Wauwatosa Virtual Academy has created an unprecedented, connected middle and high school bound by nothing but the desire to learn and grow. Your child can learn anywhere, anytime thanks to digitaltechnology. The landscape of education has changed, and Wauwatosa Virtual Academy is spearheading the transformation.

Earn Your Diploma, The Right Way

All students who graduate from Wauwatosa Virtual Academy leave with something to show for it. Wauwatosa Virtual Academy is offered by an accredited, public charter school, and your Wauwatosa Virtual Academy diploma carries the same amount of weight as a diploma from any other public high school in the country. Your child can add “high school graduate” to his or her resume with pride and unlock all of the professional doors that were previously barred. Having a high school diploma is critical to finding opportunities in the professional world. Thanks to Wauwatosa Virtual Academy, it has never been easier or more affordable to get that diploma.

Learn Anywhere, Study Anytime

Wauwatosa Virtual Academy is as mobile as your child. Anywhere there is an Internet connection, your child will have access to our flexible online curriculum, dedicated educators, and interactive learning tools. Learning how, when, and where your child chooses. Since your child will not be traveling to and from a school campus every day, there’s more time to commit to the people, communities, and activities that mean the most. The key to success in life is balance, and Wauwatosa Virtual Academy gives your child a way to make education a balanced part of a happy life. Add some flexibility to your education and anything is possible.

A Respected Education

An education from Wauwatosa Virtual Academy is filled with the same fundamental information found in any public high school curriculum around the country. Your child will learn the same things as a student in a brick-and-mortar classroom. The only difference is your child won’t be easily distracted. We have reduced the middle and high school experience to its essentials and have presented them in a streamlined, comprehensible way. Your child will be engaged and excited to learn at apersonalized pace from the comfort of home, or wherever study is easiest. Give your child a more focused and streamlined chance at a top quality education that will prepare him or her for success in life beyond high school.