Learning that Empowers Students for Life

Wauwatosa Virtual Academy is a free alternative to the traditional middle and high school experience. Using the power of digital technology, we effectively remove the distractions and obstacles that can occur in conventional high schools and replace them with a streamlined, effective replacement. By implementing advanced technology and building a flexible, online curriculum, Wauwatosa Virtual Academy reduces the school experience to its most effective form. Wauwatosa Virtual Academy is a different kind of middle and high school for different kinds of students.

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Unlock Your Child’s Potential

  • A high-quality public school education featuring exceptional online curriculum developed by Pearson Education.
  • Instruction and support delivered in real time from passionate, experienced, Wisconsin-certified teachers.
  • Interactive web tools, online lesson plans, and live instruction without distractions or peer pressure.
  • A nationally recognized diploma.
  • You pay nothing!


Stay Connected

Students can schedule one-on-one appointments with their Wisconsin-certified teachers to receive personalized help outside of class. Wauwatosa Virtual Academy makes it quick and easy to communicate with teachers and other students. WebMail, our fast and secure email service, allows instant and archived communication. For idea generation, Wauwatosa Virtual Academy’s teachers are always available to aid in collaboration.

Quality Without The Cost

Since Wauwatosa Virtual Academy is an accredited program and public option available through Wauwatosa School District, it won’t cost you a dime to enroll. Your child can receive a first class middle and high school education absolutely free. Wauwatosa Virtual Academy is available to any qualified student and requires much less of your time and effort to attend. This means your child can maintain jobs and relationships while still attending school full-time. And, because Wauwatosa Virtual Academy is brought to you by an accredited charter school, your child will graduate high school with a regionally recognized diploma to jump-start their future career.