How It Works

Technology drives everything we do at Wauwatosa Virtual Academy. Our courses are 100% online. Our vast collection of web tools and digital education techniques provide a totally unique middle and high school experience for qualified students. We do not require that students conform to our routine. Rather, we have designed a flexible online curriculum that conforms to our students’ unique lifestyles. Our students live very busy lives that do not always leave time for a conventional high school experience. At Wauwatosa Virtual Academy, our students can learn from practically anywhere and at any time. We provide the most cutting-edge technology to make learning easier and more rewarding.

Enroll Your Child Now!

Free of Charge, But Full of Value

Because Wauwatosa Virtual Academy is a public school option offered through Wauwatosa School District, it is available to all qualified students in the state absolutely free. Wauwatosa Virtual Academy is powered by the same public funds that subsidize traditional schools. There are no hidden costs or fees at Wauwatosa Virtual Academy. If your child qualifies for our program, he or she can enroll free of charge and start getting a modernized, quality education that will set up success in the future. It’s fast and easy to get enrolled.

Our Teachers Will Unlock Success

The Wisconsin-certified teachers at Wauwatosa Virtual Academy are available for one-on-one interaction for all students. Students can schedule personalized teaching sessions for any subject. For particularly tricky problems, Wauwatosa Virtual Academy’s virtual whiteboard allows students to visualize concepts in real time. Your child will never fall behind thanks to our outstanding education staff and the digital tools at their disposal.

Our Commitment Is Your Child’s Success

Ultimate success at Wauwatosa Virtual Academy means that your child receives a real, nationally recognized diploma and prepares for life after high school. From the first day of class to the last, our devoted staff is there to help students achieve that success. Our greatest reward is seeing your child succeed in school and in life. Our student achievement coordinators are always available to guide your child through the enrollment process, class procedures, and teacher connectivity. Our Wisconsin-certified teachers are expert educators who specialize in developing critical thinking skills and growing young minds. You will not find a more qualified, dedicated staff anywhere in the state. Wauwatosa Virtual Academy provides these superb educators and digital tools because we want your child to succeed!